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Bavarian Curling fun for everyone

Bavarian Curling: Popular Sport of the Austrians

Round off your ski holiday in Vorarlberg with a sociable round of curling and have fun at the centuries old ice game of the Austrians.

Curling in Lech

Curling has been a popular winter sports primarily in Bavaria and Austria since the 16th century. Particularly for shopkeepers and craftsmen, it was a wonderful opportunity to playfully overcome the idleness caused by the frost in winter. The sport was so successful in the 1930s that it became discipline of the Olympic Games. There is a natural ice rink in the middle of Zürs in front of the snow-covered mountain scenery. From Sunday until Friday between 3pm and 7pm the area can be used for curling. The sociable game is a particularly amusing with a glass of mulled wine, a hearty snack and lots of laughter - under a beautiful free sky.

The popular winter sport curling

Although the curling won’t be up to Olympic standard, the real value of curling is in the socialising associated with it. But once the lights go out at the ice rink, it is time to head back to your four star hotel over the roof tops of Lech.

Via the cableway it goes up 1.750 metres above sea level where exquisite sights and smells will greet you. The hotel chefs will lure you with culinary master pieces to treat you after an evening of curling. Glance into the valley below you before you fall into a deep, restful sleep.

Alpine cosiness and modern comfort merge in the rooms into a harmonious unity which makes it especially easy to find well deserved rest. Experience an unforgettable winter holiday in Tyrol and Vorarlberg either curling in Zürs or on the snow-covered slopes of the Arlberg Massif with your charming holiday home; the Hotel Goldener Berg.

Send your no obligation holiday enquiry to the four star superior hotel and you look forward to your ski holidays in Tyrol & Vorarlberg high above the roof tops of Lech.


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