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Austrian Cuisine At The Highest Level

Tasty specialties

High up on the Arlberg you will enjoy Austrian specialities and traditional Austrian cuisine at the Dirndlstüberl Restaurant. Warm dishes are available all day at this Austrian restaurant at the Arlberg.

Opening hours Dirndlstüberl: 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm

Austrian cuisine is extremely varied and multifaceted: the former crown countries of the Austrian Monarchy has left many a culinary traces in the Austrian cookbooks. The typical ”Wiener Schnitzel“ for instance originates from Italy and many Austrian sweets and pastries have their roots in the former Bohemia which belonged to the Habsburg Empire.

Culinary Journeys Through Austria in the Restaurant in Lech

Austrian cuisine is as varied as its landscapes: from the flat sunny valleys in the East to the 3,000 metres peaks in West – Austria’s farmers bring wonderful foods and produce to the table reflecting each regions speciality in their taste. At the Dirndlstüberl Restaurant at the Arlberg you can embark on a unique journey through the variety that is Austrian cuisine – at its finest.

Take a look through our Dirndlstüberl-menu.

Look forward to indulging in the world famous Austrian cuisine at the Dirndlstüberl Restaurant on the Arlberg Massif and experience typical Austrian hospitality at Hotel Goldener Berg. Send your non-committal online enquiry for your next holidays on the Arlberg now.

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