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Best for body and soul

Alpin Spa - body packs in a Haslauer-softpack couch

Allows the feeling of complete weightless in a perfect temperate bath of 36°C. This leads to the relaxation of the muscles and supporting apparatus and amplifies a therapeutic effect.


Sport and vitality body pack

Marmot oil, bee’s wax, gentian root, lanolin, spelt flour and olive oil promote blood flow and relieve
tensions and cramps in the muscles.

45 mins / € 42,-

Detoxifying body pack

The active ingredients of spelt flour, olive oil, bee’s wax and birch leaves with juniper and orange oil
detoxify and drain the body and strengthen the connective tissues.

45 mins / € 42,-

Rügener Medical Chalk

Boost your wellbeing while enjoying the relaxing effects of this medical treatment.

45 mins / € 42,-


Prior to each body pack we recommend a body scrub.

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