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A pack of wellness for your body

Hey, moor and the odd horsetail

Its quite possible you didnt know, how much effect lies in the natural resources around the wellness hotel Goldener Berg. Well, nows the time to benefit from natures healing powers – incorporated in highly efficient body packs at the Alpin-Spa, where man and nature are reunited in a healthy way. Whether they are detoxicating, tightening or stimulating – every natural product used in body packs at the Alpin-Spa produces its very own effects, benefiting beauty and well being at once. And we wouldnt dream of separating the two.

Pleasant packs

Groundhog, beeswax and spelt flour

A good example for the unusual paths we take in our wellness hotel: the relieving feeling our guests experience while enjoying your body pack in a Haslauer Soft-Pack Spring. Imagine a feeling of weightless relaxation in a bath of 38° – most of us haven’t felt this way since the time we spent in the womb. Unsurprisingly, that leads to deep relaxation of muscles and support musculoskeletal systems and intensifies the therapeutic effect of your treatment. Then again, you might choose a Sports or a Vital Pack with olive oil and gentian root to loosen up muscle tenseness and cramps or to enhance blood circulation. All of that –and our pack with moor and alpine herbs or„Alpin Spa - Schön mal zwei“ are just a non-binding reservation request away. In combination with our selection of massage techniques they benefit both body and soul. Our Team Goldener Berg can give you the details, just call +43 5583 22050.

Sport & vitality body pack

Marmot oil, bee’s wax, gentian root, lanolin, spelt flour and olive oil promote blood flow and relieve tensions and cramps in the muscles.

Duration approx. 45 mins / EUR 46,-

Detoxifying body pack

The active ingredients of spelt flour, olive oil, bee’s wax and birch leaves with juniper and orange oil detoxify and drain the body and strengthen the connective tissues.

Duration approx. 45 mins / EUR 46,-

Moorland alpine herb body pack

The application of this moorland Alpine herb pack enhances well-being and strengthens, refreshes and harmonises the body. Spelt is a source of numerous vitamins and minerals as well as valuable sicilic acid. It also increases blood flow and stimulates the metabolism.

Duration approx. 45 mins / EUR 46,-

Alpin Spa - Beauty times two

Combine your personal favourite bath with your preferred wrap and enjoy the relaxation far away from the daily stress.

Duration approx. 105 mins / EUR 86,-


Prior to each body pack we recommend a body scrub.

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