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Beautiful Chalet-Suite Goldener Berg

Generous luxury for families

Look forward to 100 square meters of luxury in the chalet of Goldener Berg. Here you can feel like home, having a spacious living room, a well-equipped kitchen, the 2 bed- and bathrooms.

Chalet Suite

Room for the whole family

Feel at home in the comfortable Chalet-Suite at the Arlberg! 80 square meters of living space belong to your family and you.

Two separated bedrooms ensure parents as well as their children to get some privacy, while a terrace with 20 square meters represents the ideal spot to enjoy a fantastic view on the mystic wintery landscape in the mountains of Vorarlberg.

The wardrobes offer enough space for all your wet skiing gear and the hot tiled stove will warm you up after a cold skiing day. Take a book and a cup of tea and just relax in the warmth.

Direct hotel access

You want to go for a dinner at the hotel Goldener Berg but you fear the icy cold air after sitting at the warm tiled stove for so long? Don’t worry, because you can enter the hotel area directly from your Chalet-Suite without having to take a step outside. You can even walk directly into the Spa-Area in your bathrobes!

Perfect Family Holidays

Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones in the Chalet-Suite of the hotel Der Goldene Berg! During the day you’ll leave your tracks in the fresh powder while your children will enjoy themselves in one of the skiing-courses or later in the kids-club while you’ll relax with the wonderful offers in the Spa area of the hotel.

Send us your no obligatory holiday enquiry now! We will be happy to advice you on the different rooms and apartments in our hotel.


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