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Classic massages at Your Spa Hotel in Vorarlberg

Classic massages at Hotel Goldener Berg

Soothing, relaxing, re-energising – feel the effects of different massage techniques. The varied massage packages at your four star superior spa hotel in Vorarlberg offer guests an individually tailored treatment programme.

Relaxing & energising massages at the Alpin Spa

Massages have a mechanical impact on the skin, tissues and muscle structures through stretching, pulling and pressing. The effects of the massage extend from the area undergoing treatment throughout the body, including the mind.

Almstern marmot oil - promotes blood flow, regenerates the skin cells, relieves muscle cramp and strengthens the immune system.

Almstern amber massage milk - has a soothing effect, in cases of exhaustion, sleeplessness and nervous disorders.

Almstern arnica massage milk - has a cooling effect, increases performance and helps with muscle regeneration.

Almstern propolis massage milk - has a soothing and detoxifying effect in cases of skin problems.

Almstern honey oil - has the effect of skin care and moisturizer.

Massage oil from Dr. Töth - supports the natural PH-value of the skin.

At the Alpin Spa of Hotel Goldener Berg you can expect first class treatment methods. Trust the professional hands of trained massage therapists and decide for yourself what part of your body the massage should focus on.

Alpin Spa - Relax Massage

Enjoy a soothing massage that brings your body and mind in harmony.

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-

Alpin Spa - sports massage

The sport massage ist powerful, invigorating massage, which loosens the muscles, solves adhesionsn and blockades. 

Breuss back massage 25 mins / € 45,-

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-


Alpin Spa - Classic Massage

An individual massage matched to your physical needs. It loosens the muscles, solves adhesions and blockades. 

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-

Hot Stone Massage

The relaxing effect of this massage is increased by the deep intrusion of heat in the body. Muscle tensions were solved, improvement of blood circulation and nourishment of cells with oxygen and removal of metabolic deposits are promoted.

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-

Calf massage

A pleasant and soothing massage of the lower leg area followed by an arnica calf wrap. Recommended after every sporting activity.

25 mins / € 43,-

Alpin Spa - Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage reduces general pregnancy discomfort and has many other benefits!
45 mins / € 80,-

Alpin Spa - head massage

A head massage can help you to solve concentration problems, reduce your headaches and relax your whole body! 

25 mins / € 45,-

Head/shoulder/neck massage 25 mins / € 45,-


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