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Adventures in the high rope course

Adventure park Schröcken - the bold aim high

High rope course on the Arlberg

Introducing: Austria's highest high rope course. The first time at Hochseilgarten Schröcken is quite an effort, because it conveys impressions that are unknown in everyday life. Balancing at a dizzying height, completely and utterly at the mercy of a wobbly way. Then, setting one foot in front of the other, realizing you are well secured, you begin to enjoy the challenge. The 16 stations of this high rope course are between 6 and 8 meters above ground, supervised by professionals so you can complete at least some of them without using your hands.

The quiet ones listen within

Trunks, followed by rope ladders or stirrups leading to the next station. Always concentrated, always wide awake, always in sync with nature around you. Visiting Austrias highest high rope course is an experience to be remembered. Having conquered it, you’ve deserved to let yourself fall into the fresh mountain water of our pool and relax in the soothing warmth of the sauna area.

Incidentally: the fastest way up the trees at the high rope course, the other sportive activities and into the pool of Goldener Berg is a no obligation enquiry.

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