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Cross-country skiing on the Arlberg

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As a forerunner of Nordic Walking and as a way of transport in Scandinavia, which often is covered with snow for months, cross-country skiing has been established as a winter sport decades ago. In Oberlech, Lech and Zürs there are also perfectly prepared ski runs waiting for your work-out on two cross-country skis.

For every style

Cross-country skiing

Why go to a gym when the most effective work-out can be enjoyed outdoors? Cross-country skiing exercises almost all muscle groups. The limbs are all strengthened as well as the trunk and the neck muscles. And also, your stamina will be improved.

Work-out at the Goldener Berg Hotel

Start your day of work-out with a healthy breakfast. A muesli with fresh fruits, cup of coffee and off you go to the cross-country ski run. In total the network is 27 km long. The tours in detail:

  • Lech-Zürs: 2.8km classic style
  • Gasthof Omesberg-Zug: 2.4km classic style
  • Zug-Älpele: 3.5km classic & skating style
  • Älpele-Tannläger-Älpele: 8km classic & skating style
  • Spullerwaldweg: 2km classic & skating style
  • Zürs-Flexenpass-Zürs: 4km classic & skating style

Telemark: Back to the roots

The telemark style is a mixture of cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. In Oberlech this style can occasionally be seen on the pistes today. A style, which already in 1868, was used in ski races. Skiing like then – learn how to do it.

In contrast to the alpine style, with this style the heels are loose in the bindings. This way you can make a lunge with every turn. The upper ski stays behind and the knee is pushed towards the snow. During the turn the skis are kept parallel.

More and more skiing instructors became pros of this technique and can now teach you. The Lech Skiing School offers courses on request. Elegant and dynamic turns take their time, but if you feel steady on the skis every turn makes even more fun.

Look forward to a delightful winter holiday with fitness effect. It is also great to go on ski tours or snow shoe hikes to enjoy the unspoiled winter landscape. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book online.

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