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The Arlberg gourmet restaurants in Oberlech

This is how a good summers’ day starts at Arlberg: with an ample breakfast on Hotel Goldener Bergs terrace. And this is how it might end: with a tasting session in our wine cellar. Because our restaurants in Oberlech on the Arlberg are at your service any time during the day. 

Enjoy the view while dining


How we impress our guests in the morning? With a rich breakfast buffet they can choose from to their hearts’ pleasure. If for example you might prefer vegan dishes – or follow a diet that lets you do without certain ingredients – at our wellness hotel we’ll gladly take that into consideration and you’ll find the treats that meet your needs.

See for yourself and take a look at our menu: Breakfast Extras

Panoramarestaurant is open for breakfast 07.30 am to 10.30 am


The terrace is right on the piste

How exquisite: the view of the surrounding mountains. At least as exquisite: the culinary delights at our Berggrill-Terrasse with its grill station. Because you were on your feet all day long on the „Almen“ you deserve a few of our everywhere popular Austrian „Schmankerl“. And in case you decide to stay at the hotel with its spa activities, we’ll gladly spoil you all day long with dishes from our toque-winning cuisine.

Berggrill-Terrasse is open once a week from 7.00 pm


The typical Austrian Dirndlstüberl

You’re welcome at Dirndlstüberl all through the day: in a combination of top notch Austrian cuisine and rustic charm.

Have a look at our Dirndlstüberl Menu

Dirndlstüberl-Restaurant is open daily from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.


The gourmet restaurant Johannesstübli

Connoisseurs kick off their evening at the Johannesstübli gourmet restaurant. Strictly following the GLYX principles and accompanied by a handsome selection of wines our guests enjoy a toque-winning cuisine.

Our kitchen reconciles healthy eating with absolute delight, that even passionate gourmets won’t want to ignore. With products from the immediate vicinity, prepared in the spirit of GLYX your body is supplied with all the necessary nutrients and your palate is pampered – on gourmet standards. By the way: in the evenings, we gladly serve our delicacies out on the terrace overlooking the mountains of Hoch Tannberg.

Johannesstübli-Restaurant opens daily from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Alter Goldener Berg

The restaurant Alter Goldener Berg

500 years of hospitality – alive and well. Whether at private parties of all sorts or a wedding – the „Alter Goldener Berg“, situated directly beside the hotel, is a benchmark in hospitableness.

With its traditionally furnished, cozy „Stüberl“ the Alter Goldener Berg is obviously a traditional run restaurant.

In summer, the Alter Goldener Berg readily opens its doors for your very special party – whether you’d like to celebrate the best day of your life and tie the knot on our beautiful sun-terrace with its breathtaking view, you’ve planned a trip to the mountains with your team or you want to get your family together for a reunion. We look forward to assist you in planning your celebration and providing the surroundings at Alter Goldener Berg restaurant. And our kitchen will supply the delicacies and attentive service.

And we’re sure you will find the suitable wines – in our wine list with over 1.200 different wines in the wine vault.

Have a look at Menu: À la Carte

Alter Goldener Berg gladly opens for your private events

Wine cellar

Wine cellar

We suggest you begin voyage through the world of wines on our wine list – and if, contrary to expectations you don’t strike it rich there: there’s more to come in our wine cellar, and sommelier Franz Pfefferkorn is glad to introduce a few of the treasures at a tasting. There’s so much worth telling when you’ve got 1.200 different wines …

Have a great time at Goldener Berg with its gourmet restaurants and send us a no-obligation online enquiry or reserve a table. We’ll have your table ready when you arrive.

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