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Detox, vitality, wellness and Goldener Berg

Purifying and detoxifying your body

Please pause for just a moment. Trust you instincts and your inner wishes. Here at Goldener Berg, you are putting your trust into well-trained hands. Trained by a man, well known far beyond Austrian borders, the physician Ewald Töth. The body treatments he developed enable us to create a beneficial counterbalance of acids and bases in your body. In combination with a unique set of exceptional photon base products used in our Alpin-Spa they clean and purify your body and let you shine bright.

Detoxifying at the Goldener Berg Hotel

Body, soul and mind

For us, holistic medicine means not merely welcoming you as our guest, but comprehensively supporting you in finding or strengthening your inner balance. Ewald Töth has designed additional detox formulae that come into effect in accordance with the laws of nature and encourage the bodies’ own detox- and purification processes. What makes them so special: Dr. Töth has developed a method to integrate a quantifiable amount of photons into his products. Since all organisms depend on light, the human body better absorbs these products. This results in a verifiably more symmetrical and stable acid-base balance – the basis for a healthy life.

Goldener Berg is the only hotel worldwide using these photon products, and Dr. Töth himself trains our therapists. Your non-binding reservation request will bring you one step closer to a healthier life. If you are interested in further information concerning our range of detox products, feel free to call our Goldener Berg team under +43 5583 22050.

In case you lack a little „joie de vivre“, just try our GLYX-health recipes by Marion Grillparzer. They will surely help you to relax and harmonize your body. The only thing you risk loosing are a few extra pounds.

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