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Applications according to Dr. Töth

Dr. Töths successful base-mix

Because biologically we function as alkaline beings, the acid-base regulation therapy is the basis for every kind of treatment: Conventional medicine as well as natural medicine, homoeopathy and psychotherapy all work according to this concept. Our guests at Alpin-Spa in the Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech benefit from our concept of holistic which partly relies on products developed by holistic physician Ewald Töth on your way to de-acidification and detoxication.

Detox products at our spa

Wellness and light quanta Ewald Töth has developed a method to store and save so called Light Quanta in a variety of products. These light quanta, or photons (photos = light) emit essential forms of energy which steer and activate all processes in the organism’s cells. Therefore, they are the basis of holistic health. Included in Dr. Töths Base-Mix are 4 quanta of light essentials:

  • Integration
  • Harmony
  • Identity
  • Stability

Where diseases show imbalances, the healing process with light quanta is accelerated. In natural medicine, they are regarded as natural detoxifying and cleaning processes, by regulation of the cell metabolism and activating cell regeneration.

Schedule an appointment for your individual base-treatment according to Dr. Töth at our health hotel. Just call +43 5583 22050, our Team of the hotel Goldener Berg will create your customized wellness-package.

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