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Facial Treatments at the Alpin Spa of Your Spa Hotel in Vorarlberg

Exclusive Skin Care: Natural Care Products

When your eyes sparkle, your skin glows and your smile is overwhelming, a facial treatment at the Alpin Spa of Hotel Goldener Berg, your spa hotel in Vorarlberg, could be the reason.

Beauty & Spa

Targeted care for every type of skin by Susanne Kaufmann

Your face always shows how well you are. The effects of daily life – emotional stress, poor diet, dry air, environmental exposures, and sleep deprivation – are directly reflected in your skin. Every skin type reacts differently, for example with dryness, impurities, premature development of wrinkles or irritation. To reconstitute a harmonious skin appearance, Susanne Kaufmann skin care lines precisely target the particular requirements of the various skin types:

Line T - is designed for skin that is prone to dryness.

Line F - is designed for mixed skin.

Line A - is designed as anti-aging care for mature skin.

The products in each line are perfectly coordinated with each other and range from cleansing to nourishment. They not only relieve symptoms but also ensure targeted protection and long-term regeneration.

Dr. Töth Light-Quantum Base Cosmetics

Supports the regulation of the cell metabolism and enhances the cell regeneration. Counteracts free radicales and leads to smooth and gentle skin.

The effective healing powers of nature can only help your beauty. Medicinal herbs, hay or honey, the natural treasures surrounding the "Goldener Berg" are the basis for a finely perfected facial treatment and beauty programme.

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