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Fitness starts with step one

There we go – and it goes well

Who doesnt know the feeling? Especially after pausing for whatever reason and some time, it seems fairly difficult to start exercising and get back into a sporting rhythm. Thats exactly where you need to get startet! During your fitness vacation at the health hotel Goldener Berg you'll be able to gain back the joy of activity and exercise. Apart from relaxation and regeneration, shaping condition is among the cornerstones of a healthy life. Thats why exercise (and the enjoyment it brings) occupies an important position in our Holistic Health at Goldener Bergprogram.

Full impact, 1.750m above sea level

Walking in the nature of the Arlberg

Activity is essential for a healthy organism –being active means living. As a matter of principle, we pick our guests up where their fitness level stands. From there on, it’s plain altitude training. Just start moving and let nature give you back the energy that everyday life took away. And after a short time, please relax and wonder, how quickly your body adapts. Our training programs emphasize improving your metabolism: firming workouts gently build your muscles and infuse new vitality.

Take a hike through Oberlechs wonderful surroundings, grab your Nordic walking poles or start jogging, if you feel like it. And remember – every little counts.

Finally, you can round a day out in either the sauna or the pool of our health hotel with its numerous offerings.

In case you’re not in mood to leave the hotel: just hop on to the indoor trampoline or try our state-of-the-art Galileo training devices – they’re bound to lead to a fitter attitude towards life.

Whatever training you decide on: don’t forget to reward yourself afterwards. Our restaurants complement your efforts with a well-balanced diet, i.e. according to GLYX.

Start your new and fit life today – no obligation holiday enquiry. Our Team Goldener Berg can give details concerning our fitness packages and specials for women. Just call us at +43 5583 22050.

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