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The Chef At Your Exquisite Restaurant At The Arlberg

Award-Winning Cuisine in Oberlech

When the chefs swing their cooking spoon in the kitchen of your exquisite restaurant at the Arlberg – the gourmet sky becomes especially bright. Only the very best products find their way into the Goldener Berg kitchen. Regional ingredients and consciously lived sustainability were also reasons for Gault Millau to award the restaurant at the Arlberg with 13 points.

Culinary highlights

Our Chef motivates his team to fulfil culinary master creations. The menu at Hotel Goldener Berg reads like a symphony of Austrian specialities – selected, elegant, and exquisite. Freshest regional produce are turned into delicious palate pleasures at this exquisite restaurant at the Arlberg. Tasty menu suggestions combine traditional Austrian and international cuisine with refreshing new ideas.

The most modern way to combine pleasure and health – Glyx at the Hotel Goldener Berg

The glycaemic index diet is more than a diet, it describes a lifestyle that is healthy, tastes good, makes you happy - without yo-yo effect. The inventor Marion Grillparzer is one of the most famous authors in Germany.

The Glyx principle is healthy food at the highest level. Strictly speaking, it is a way of life that is healthy, makes you happy and is unlikely to result in weight gain! The inventor, a nutritionist, Marion Grillparzer wrote about 50 books and trains us personally!

The Sought After Chef’s Hat by Restaurant Guide Gault Millau

The Gourmet Cuisine at Hotel Goldener Berg convinced the Gault Millau Gourmands and reached 14 of 20 possible points. The highest possible number of points, the 20 should – just like the founders Gault and Millau had in mind – never be awarded: Fully accomplished is only God. After all. Not alone the gourmet cuisine at the Arlberg has achieved the much desired Chef’s Hat.

The surrounding farmers also added their bit: the ingredients are predominantly sourced from regional farmers, which put the highest emphasize into quality and appropriate keeping of the animals. The eggs are provided by happy chickens living at the Sennerhof Farm in Rankweil, the milk from the cows of Farmer Heinrich Egger in Lech, the vegetables from Farmer Josef Norz in Kematen and the fish are bought from Guefel Forellen in Meiningen.

Gourmet Cuisine At The Highest Level

1,750 metres above sea level is the location of Hotel Goldener Berg. Enjoy the culinary master creations of this exquisite restaurant at the Arlberg par on par with the mountains, accompanied by a fine drop of wine from the wine cellar of Hotel Goldener Berg. Here 890 different types of wines from the best wine regions of the world have found their home – a culinary experience to suit your taste.

Are culinary delectations just what you have had in mind? Send your no-obligation enquiry to Hotel Goldener Berg and soon you will dine at this exquisite restaurant at the Arlberg.


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