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Prestigious awards. 1.706 meters.

Gourmet Restaurant Johannesstübli

Our chef and his team conjure excellent meals onto the tables at their restaurant in Lech, 1.706 Meters above sea level, and by no means with average dishes. Quite the opposite is true – wish to take a quick look at our a la Carte fine dining menu?

Awarded restaurant in Oberlech

A treat for the eyes

The „Stube“ of our gourmet restaurant Johannesstübli was furnished with great attention to details. The elegant wood paneling gives it a special touch.

1.250 wines. And a lot more things to experience.

The delicious cuisine is complimented by excellent wines: Our wine vault stocks more than 1.250 different wines from the worlds’ most exquisite growing regions. Take a look at our wine list!

A prize-worthy dinner …

… in the true meaning of the world. Since many decades the team is proud to carry the prestigious toques awarded by GaultMillau as well as being awarded prices by Falstaff and Á la Carte Magazines, respectively. So it hardly comes as a surprise that even reading the menu turns out to be a mouthwatering experience – whatever you enjoy the classic versions or the versions free of allergens.

What many gourmets can hardly believe: the cuisine at Johannesstübli is based without exception on the principles of GLYX.

Too good to be a diet …

And indeed the principles behind GLYX are far more than a diet. It’s a way of life that is at the same time healthy, very tasty and without the dreaded yo-yo effects. Or in other words: there’s no better way than GLYX to combine pleasure and healthy nutrition. For many people, GLYX has become a healthy way of life, that makes them happy and makes weight gains improbable.

Its inventor Marion Grillparzer is one of Germanys best-known authors. She has published more than 50 books on the subject, several of which landed on the list of bestsellers. GLYX, in her words is „eating on the highest level“. Yet she finds the time to train us personally amidst her extensive research and lecturing activities. Our guests enjoy the rare pleasure of benefitting first hand from the latest findings and methods of GLYX.

Have we whetted your appetite? Then send your non-binding holiday enquiry to the Team at 4**** Superior Hotel Goldener Berg – and look forward to the pleasant atmosphere at Johannesstübli, your gourmet restaurant in Lech. And if you fancy some hearty delicacies with a panoramic mountain view, just stop by at the Berggrill terrace.

Open from 19.00 to 21.00

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