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Marion Grillparzer, nice to have you here

Glyx: a world full of happiness

Marion Grillparzer

In a world full of men writing diets, the GLYX-Diet is pure zest for life: feminine, intuitive and inspired. We are proud to welcome its inventor Marion Grillparzer as a personal friend and regular lecturer at the Hotel Goldener Berg on the Arlberg. A successful Author and „Germanys best known Ecotrophologist“ (Mensch & Natur, 08/2011), Marion has published more than 50 books on health and nutrition. Unsurprisingly, many of them hat made it onto the list of bestsellers. At the center of her life’s achievements: the introduction of the word „GLYX“. A household name filled by Marion Grillparzer with knowledge, cheerfulness and a whole lot of delight.

The Glyx principle

Marion Grillparzers guiding principle: healthy recipes must be simple. In her GLYX principle she has created a way of life, that at the same time is healthy, tastes good and makes happy for lifetime, without the dreaded yo-yo effect. GLYX is a holistic approach based on scientific knowledge that enhances health. Besides losing weight, it involves vitality, relaxation and exercise.

GLYX is the sum of 25 years of experience in nutrition, cooked down into a handful of simple rules, sweetened by feasible health-recipes an a portion of motivation, packed into an easy-as-pie traffic light-system. In a word: plain yummy. In another words: a holistic concept fit for everyones life.

Including yours – we look forward to your no obligation enquiry.

Our Gourmetrestaurant Johannisstübli serves plates prepared following the GLYX principle. So, while you enjoy your meal, your body enjoys the fact that he receives all the nutrients he needs. Our team is trained personally by Marion Grillparzer – that’s how we cook, serve and enjoy at Goldener Berg.

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