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Path of Happiness – Health through good air

Breathe the fresh alpine air!

It is scientifically proven: at an altitude between 1,000 and 3,000 metres above sea level we find the best air conditions for our health. The more oxygen-deficient air at this altitude benefits your fitness and influences your health sustainably.

Your 4****S Goldener Berg Hotel is located perfectly at 1,650 metres - breathe yourself fit!

Enjoy the fresh mountain air!

One of the reasons, why people up here are less likely to become ill ...

People, who live at high altitudes, are usually more robust and healthier than people living in cities at low altitude. With every meter the oxygen content in the air decreases, the air pressure decreases as well and this way less oxygen gets into the blood. The body produces more red blood cells, which raise the capacities for oxygen absorption and transport.

Take it step by step to go higher and higher and allow your body to get used to the altitude.

Small effort – big success

Every exercise is relatively more exhausting on the mountain than in the valley. Our personal trainer will gladly help you to gently get going again. Start with a nice walk in the area, enjoy Nordic Walking or jogging.

Oberlech is perfect for a mountain bike tour in the summer, or winter sports during the colder months!


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