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Path of Happiness – Health through a stay at moderate altitude

The perfect active holiday

An active holiday at moderate altitude provides an enormous recreation effect, if you do it right with individually designed services. Experience a holiday with exercise, recreation, fund, adventures and experiences – an active holiday at the Goldener Berg Hotel. 


Enjoy the energy of the mountains!

Scientifically proven

According to the AMAS 2000 (Austrian Moderate Altitude Study) research project, a long stay at altitudes between 1,500-2,000 metres will have a positive and sustainable effect on your health.

Research’s results:

  • Significant decrease in elevated blood pressure
  • Improvement of the fat and sugar metabolism
  • Weight loss of 2-3kg
  • Improvement of the oxygen transport through the red blood cells

After the first days of adaption, when you might feel a bit more tired because of the slight oxygen deficiency. a hormonal and vegetative adjustment happens in your body!

Rejuvenating effect

After the organism finds its balance again, the breathing and the cardiovascular system adjust, the production of red blood cells is stimulated and therefore the old blood cells are exuded to make place for the new ones.

This leads to a rejuvenating effect: your blood circulation and your performance are enhanced! You will feel much fresher, better and more relaxed!

High altitude training

Follow the example of our top athletes, which have been using the altitude effect for their training for ages.

Start simple and escalate slowly – in a sportive way as well as with the altitude. If required our personal trainer will gladly accompany you on your Path of Happiness to fitness!

Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book your stay directly online! 

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