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Path of Happiness – Health through detox

Quantum healing with products by Dr. Töth

As part of the Path of Happiness health concept you will detox at the Alpin Spa at your Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech. We use product, which were especially produced by holistic physician Dr. Töth.

A Dr. Töth cure at the Alpin Spa leads to deacidification and detoxication!

Light Quanta Products from Dr. Töth are used in the Alpin Spa

Spa with light quantum

Quanta of light provide the cells with essential energies and are the basis for a holistic health. In the products by Dr. Töth you will find 4 quanta of light essentials, which steer and activate all processes in the organism’s cells. These 4 are:

  • Integration
  • Harmony
  • Identity
  • Stability

The quanta of light in the products and treatments enhance the healing essentially.

Holistic concept

The Path of Happiness detox cure concentrates on the whole human being, meaning the body, mind and soul of an individual. Because a “healthy way of life” starts with the perfect harmony of the three dimensions and with an intact organism milieu. 

Ailments show an imbalance and natural medicine they are considered to be a natural detox and purging process.

Dr. Ewald Töth

Acid-Base Regulation Therapy

Because biologically we function as alkaline beings, the acid-base regulation therapy is the basis for every kind of treatment: Conventional medicine, natural medicine, homoeopathy and psychotherapy all work according to this concept.

Products by Dr. Töth at the Alpin Spa

The products at the Alpin Spa at your Goldener Berg Hotel all show a high base-concentration in order to recreate an acid-base-balance. When it comes to selecting the products’ ingredients we focus on only the highest quality, and only purchase products from organic certified companies, who distance themselves from animal tests.

Experienced therapists at the Goldener Berg Alpin Spa will indulge you all year round with products by Dr. Töth and will take care of your body’s deacidification and as a result also of its detoxication.

Book our “Holistic Health – A week with Dr. Töth” package from 6th to 13th July directly online or send us a no obligation holiday enquiry.

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