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Energy and oscillations

Special places

You might have experienced some of these strange places, where strange powers are at work. Well, we believe in their healing, soothing effects that have accompanied mankind for ages. And that play an important part in our emotional, mental and physical health. Such hotspots are rare, few and far between, but Oberlech is just simply one of them. Measurements reveal above-level energy values. Expressed in numerical terms: while average oscillation in Austria is 5.000 Bovis, Oberlech has between 10.000 and 12.000 Bovis (i.e. the unit for vital energy of substances).

Distinctive oscillations. And special vibes.

Having noticed that, the topic of energy in all its manifestations accompanies us at the 4**** Superior Hotel Goldener Berg. Supported by energetics expert Leo Hermann, who is in charge of „the right vibes“, we use energy chips to create an environment free of electric smog, earth radiation and psychic smog. For you, as a guest, that results in a form of relief: the space you move in feels bigger, things work out easier, your sleep is far better and you’re on your way to clear your soul from old conditionings. On the way, you are assisted by one of our magic cures: our clear mountain water. Bathing in it feels different, cooking with it shows other results, and most certainly –drinking it does, too. We are looking forward to seeing the effect the first sip in the morning has on you, after eager to see, what it does to you after an peaceful night at the Goldener Berg in Oberlech.


Hotel Goldener Berg is shielded from all radiation

We have spared no expense to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible and to increase the recreational value of your holiday to the highest degree. Therefore, all our houses have been shielded against cosmic and terrestrial radiation, as well as against electro smog. Free of these energy-consuming influences you spend a very special holiday at Hotel Goldener Berg – a healing holiday!

Good to know–your journey to this very special place starts with a non-binding reservation request. If you like, you can take the first step today. In case you would like to have more information on our hotel and the Path of Happiness, please feel free to contact our team at Goldener Berg via +43 5583 22050.

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