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Path of Happiness – Health through medical examination

Your health check at the Alpinikum

On the Path of Happiness – the holistic health programme at your 4****S Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech you will enhance your fitness, create harmony between body, mind and soul and regenerate your inner powers. But first, take a look at your initial health condition.

At the Alpinikum in Lech on the Arlberg Dr. Elmar Beiser takes care of his patients twenty-four-seven.

Dr. Elmar Beiser

Health checks for guests at the Goldener Berg Hotel

At the start of your stay undergo an extensive examination, based on which our specialised therapists can then create a programme for you.

Our offers for you:

Basic check (€195.00)

  • Medical examination and talk
  • Blood count
  • ECG
  • Find out the oxygen content in the blood

Basic plus lifestyle (€320.00)

  • Basic
  • Blood sugar day profile (3 tests)
  • Blood fats
  • Liver function reading
  • Free radicals (to determine the oxidative stress)

Basic plus cardio (€370.00)

  • Basic
  • Lactate test (at the start and end of your stay)
  • 24hrs heart rate and blood pressure reading

Basic plus nutrition (€590.00) 

  • Basic
  • Food allergy test (70 foodstuffs)
  • To optimise your energy balance the test results are discussed and you will get tips for the right diet for you.

Additional offers

  • Medical Tape (locomotor system)
  • All laboratory results
  • MRI (joints, spine, cranium)

Get an idea of your health condition and send us your no obligation holiday enquiry for your Path of Happiness at the Goldener Berg Hotel

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