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Let’s just call it a holistic good night's sleep

What we mean to say when we say „good night“

Hardly anything contributes more to emotional and physical well being than a really good nights sleep. Typically enough, that remains a pious hope for many people. To fulfill this desire, we have put together a special package at out wellness hotel Goldener Berg. The Alps are home to a very special tree that is known for its extraordinary powers the pine. So, while you sleep in your cozy bed, pinewood reduces your heart rate and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Thats why we combined a pine blanket with virginsheep wool and pine flakes to produce a particularly deep and relaxed sleeping experience.

Health through sleep

Nature gives us its best

The effect of pinewood is supported by specially designed Tachyon sleeping mats. Tachyons are – basically hypothetical – fundamental particles in a state of zero point energy, moving at superluminal velocity. Introduced in 1966 by the physicist Gerald Feinberg, they describe a form of energy that helps us reintegrate into the order of the universe.

Moreover, we offer different bed-sets: finest down as well as bed linen for allergy sufferers. Our „active energy“ bed sheets are made of fine down with integrated energy plates meant to equip cells with the necessary information to develop back into their original, crystalline forms. If that sounded a touch too technical, let’s put it this way: you’ll be sleeping like a log.

Since our hotel in Lech is situated at a location with above-level energy levels, it has turned out to be a genuine hotspot. Why we know that for a fact? Because we watch the energy levels in each and every room at our health hotel - this is only one facet of our special Path of Happiness.

So, before you go to sleep tonight, might we suggest you send us your non-binding reservation request? Better still: book a few really exceptional nights online.

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