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Path of Happiness – wellbeing through healthy food

The modern symbiosis of indulgence and health

The German bestselling author for health guides, Marion Grillparzer, invented the GLYX Diet – more than just a diet – it’s a new way of life, which is healthy, tastes good and makes you happy!

The GLYX Diet is based on a 30-year diet knowledge, a couple of simple rules, easy healthy recipes, balanced exercise and recreation and a slice of motivation – all wrapped in a simple traffic light system.

More than 50 books, sold over 2 million times: that shows the success of this way of life!

Enjoy delicious healthy food!

“Healthy recipes need to be simple”

According to the motto of diet expert Marion Grillparzer, eating according to the GLYX concept is perfect to lose some kilos in a healthy way.

Blood sugar and insulin are regulated and that kills ravenous appetite. The thermogenesis is enhanced by protein essential fatty acid, which makes calories evaporate as warmth through the skin.

And the best thing about it: This diet does not know any yo-yo effects!

Medically approved

Even doctors recommend the GLYX Diet, because it’s an anti-inflammatory diet, which keeps every cell healthy – the GLYX concept has also been confirmed by the Diogenes Survey.

It’s not all about losing weight, it’s a general change of diet in order to enhance your whole health!


Marion Grillparzer

This special diet stimulates the metabolism and makes you slim, without feeling hungry. The GLYX Diet way of life allows a controlled influence on hormones, enzymes and nerve messengers. 

An overview of the benefits of the healthy way of life by Marion Grillparzer:

  • No calorie counting
  • No restrains
  • All nutrients
  • Healthy fats
  • Enough protein
  • Low glycaemic index (carbs-content in the blood sugar)

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