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Heli-skiing on the Arlberg

All the way up, all alone

It’s the dream of almost every winter sportsmen and women. Ever since the spectacular pictures and the deserted slopes that were shown in the snowboarder videos, heli-skiing has been on top of many bucket lists. On the Arlberg this wish will come true.

The Arlberg makes it possible – it’s the only Austrian ski region where the Wucher helicopter company offers these unbeatably spectacular, deserted and overwhelming downhill runs.

Heli-Skiing on the Arlberg

Mehlsack and Schneetäli

The flight starts at the Kriegerhorn in the ski region near Lech or at the Flexenpass near Zürs. The helicopter starts up to the Mehlsack (2,652 m) or the Schneetäli (2,450 m) with an experienced mountain guide and 3 passengers. The flight over the ski region alone is an adventure. The sound of the rotors, slowly you take off in the air and see how the winter wonderland beneath you becomes smaller and smaller. The houses become little dots, the helicopter goes higher and higher until it has reached the top of the mountain. Arrived on the top the views will take your breath away.

At the top

After your equipment is unloaded the helicopter takes off again. You and your friends alone with the guide on the mountain. Get into your ski bindings and get ready to go downhill. What comes next will be the highlight of your trip: Downhill skiing on untouched slopes. The loose powder snow will spread up to your nose and you will become one with the mountain. In front of you the glistering deep snow. You will feel like you fly towards the valley. This run is the run of your life.

On top of the mountains

For health and safety reasons this luxurious skiing and snowboarding fun is reserved for experienced skiers and snowboarders only. Deep snow skills are a must. The guides are very strict when it comes to safety. The weather plays a very important role for your perfect powder day, so does the gear.

  • Avalanche transceiver
  • Probe, shovel
  • Helmet
  • Possibly an avalanche airbag
  • Upper body protector
  • First Aid kit
  • Sun cream, enough water (or other beverages)

If you want to make your dream of heli-skiing come true, then tell us with your no obligation holiday enquiry or booking and we will organise the rest. 


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