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A historical hotel in Oberlech

Spanning the Generations

The history of Hotel Goldener Berg, nowadays a four star superior hotel in Oberlech, Austria starts almost 100 years ago and has been characterised by successes as well as defeats. It is a moving history, which has been kept alive across the generations, and which is still apparent and strongly felt today.

The long history of the Goldener Berg hotel in Oberlech, Austria, reaches back to the year 1430! 1926 Mr. Leopold Schneider sold the “Obere Bergalpe” to the “Hohe Welt” club, which predominantly had former officers of the K. & K. Army as its members.

Sportheim Goldener Berg

The First Winter in the “Sportheim Goldener Berg” Alpine Club House in 1928

It was following the forced sale by auction during autumn 1928 that the history of Hotel Goldener Berg actually begins. The Hammerbacher Family made the winning bid for what was a fairly basic building, with an open smoke room, a living room, three bedrooms, one huge hay barn and one stable, as well as two hectares of land and a small spring. The Hammerbacher Family spent a simple, but comfortable winter with their ski-loving friends in the newly named alpine house: “Sportheim Goldener Berg” (Sport Hostel Golden Mountain). The only challenge the outdoor fans had to face: the organisation of food and products from the valley.

Milestones in the History of the Famous “Goldener Berg” Hotel in Oberlech, Austria

The construction of a cable car in 1929 was the foundation of the upturn in the hostel's fortunes. Even then the Goldener Berg was exceptional as it soon had electric light, running water and central heating. The barn was extended, beds were purchased and a sun terrace was built. On September 4th 1930 the ground breaking for the hotel construction took place. By Christmas the new hotel in Oberlech, was fully booked with guests from all over Europe.

Centre of Attraction for Regular Guests and Celebrities

Vacation at the Arlberg

In the soundproof vegetable cellar of the new building the first “cellar bar” was built, which would later become world famous as the “Skiholle” (Ski Hell) and, due to the regular gigs of a three man band, had a constant inflow of patrons. The “Goldener Berg” hotel in Oberlech, Austria, began to attract famous regular guests such as the Karajan Family. Also among the extraordinary guest circle were aviation pioneers and the back then very much vaunted “skywriters” - pilots who write advertising slogans in the sky.

A New Beginning after the Second World War

With his journeys through Europe, Hammerbacher got advertising going and ensured the early arrival of ski clubs from Great Britain and the Netherlands. 1945 was a low point as the Goldener Berg was requisitioned by the German military. After the Second World War the hotel in Oberlech – as opposed to the competing businesses in Lech – was denied funds from the Marshall Plan. In 1959 the German sequestration was finally lifted and mortgages were granted. And in 1960 the hotel in Oberlech re-emerged in its full glory following a room extension and dining room enlargement.

The Pfefferkorn Family Takes Over Hotel Goldener Berg

Further building works were necessary but the financial resources of the Hammerbacher Family were limited. In Autumn 1965 the Pfefferkorns, an old Lech family, took over the hotel in Oberlech, and was able to make up for the lost war years through investment as well as hard work and commitment.

The 50th year jubilee in autumn 1978 was celebrated as an important milestone in the history of the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech.

In October 2000 the senior hosts Guggy and Franz Pfefferkorn transferred the management of the “Sport Hotel Goldener Berg” into the hands of their daughter Daniela Pfefferkorn. 

Constantly striving to fulfil the needs of their guests, the Pfefferkorn Family continues to live the longstanding history of this hotel in Oberlech, Austria, together with their highly focused team.

If you would like to experience traditional hospitality at the highest level, send your no-obligation enquiry to Hotel Goldener Berg. Soon you will feel the exceptional tradition and history of this outstanding hotel in Oberlech.


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