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Ready, steady, go!

Children ski races on the Arlberg

Equipped with a helmet, waxed skis and a good portion of competitive spirit the ski course children will meet on Friday for the traditional children ski race. Only a few metres away from the Goldener Berg Hotel they will start the race like the pros.

Ski race for kids on the Arlberg

Already in the morning everyone is very excited at the Goldener Berg Hotel. It’s Friday and some children cannot concentrate on the breakfast, they are too nervous. It’s only the big final race that’s ahead of them on this day of the week.

Go! Go!

While the parents are already gathering at the finish in Petersboden, the children are being motivated by their skiing instructors. Crouch down, go close to the poles, if you are getting too quick take a snowplough turn and then continue! Your offspring has already learnt right racing technique beforehand, now they only have to remember it on their way down through the poles and to the finish!

Well done!

Your child is dashing through the race and your heartbeat will go twice as fast. Encouraged by all the cheering the young racers will get to the finish accompanied by loud applause. Just like the real world cup stars.

Yeah! Won!

The great thing about the children race is that everyone is a winner! Everyone will get a certificate and a prize. You and your family will remember this day for a long time.

Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book online. We are looking forward to meeting tomorrow’s ski stars.

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