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Active on the Arlberg

Nature - a sportive environment

In Mid-June the Goldener Berg Hotel on the sun plateau in Oberlech starts into the summer season. Are you ready for the challenges the mountain holds for you, then pack your favourite sports gear and come to the Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech? Right at the doorstep outdoor experiences in the natural environment are waiting for you.

The mountain is calling you!

Arlberg is one of the climbing and hiking hotspots on the Alps. Close to the Goldener Berg Hotel several climbing tours with guides and superb high alpine hikes are waiting for you. 350 km of hiking paths can be explored here. Put your hiking shoes on and off you go!

An absolute must for hikers and mountain enthusiasts is the Green Ring. Just about where the legendary White Ring expands during the winter, you can explore the Green Ring during the summer with all of nature’s most beautiful features. Through different stages you will get to the Rüfikopf via Zürs, Zug and the Kriegerhorn and back to Oberlech. With all that goes with it: Biwakschachtel, Walser Library, the Madloch Giant, the myth forest and Lech Wall.

Hiking in Vorarlberg

Be sportive all year round

Or how about a tour on the local mountain, Omeshorn, early in the morning? From the top of the mountain you will have views over large parts of the Alps. The Dolomite Alps in the south, the huge Swiss mountains in the west and the foothills of the Alps in the north.

You may as well want to explore the Gipslöcher nature reserve; it’s an easy hike, which can be considered as a relaxed afternoon activity. The mountain tour over the Butzensee and the Braunarlspitze to the Göppinger Hut and further to the Älpele is not for the faint-hearted.

Our host, Daniela Pfefferkorn, herself is a passionate hiker and climber and will gladly tell you her most beautiful tours. The hiking bus will then take you back to the Goldener Berg Hotel, a ride which is free for all Lech Card holders.

For runners and Nordic Walkers, the Arlberg is the perfect playground to improve their fitness due to the altitude location. Wonderful marked trails in varying difficulty levels invite you to do your training.


Biking on the Arlberg

The Rote Wand (Red Wall) is perfect in summer for the first climbing experiences. You can participate in a course or maybe you are experienced enough to go on your own climbing tour. To see how the pros master this challenge come to the Mountain Film Festival in St. Anton in the evening and see breathtaking films about those amazing climbers.


Mountain bikers will get their money’s worth on the Arlberg, beginner right up to advanced bikers and pros: cycle through Zugertal to Spullersee or cool your calves in the melting snow from the winter season or go to the Ravensburger hut and the Stierloch ridge and back to the fishing pond – whatever you choose, enjoy a day in the beautiful landscapes.

Speaking of cooling: The Lech forest swimming pool as well as the crystal clear alpine lakes Spullersee and Formarinsee only lie a short distance from your holiday hotel in Oberlech and invite you to take a swim on a summer’s day.

Highlights and Challenges

Playing golf in Lech

The warm days with hardly any rain invite you to long hikes, mountain biking tours and other great highlights. How about a downhill race down to Lech?

A special challenge for all mountain enthusiasts is the mountain triathlon. You will start with your mountain bike, then you need to row over the Spullersee Lake and then there’s the run through the Stierloch (“Bull’s hole”). Show mother nature and yourself how strong you really are.

You will get even higher if you try paragliding. Experience the mountains and valleys from the bird’s eye view and get to know the majestic and beautiful views over the Arlberg.

Do you fancy an adventure in or on the water? The Lech river belongs to the few remaining untouched river landscapes in the Alps. In the Alpine schools on the Arlberg you can get an expert guide who will accompany you on your rafting or canyoning tour in Vorarlberg.

Golfclub Arlberg

Play an enjoyable round of golf with a view of the alpine landscape. The Golfclub Lech offers you an 18-hole course in Braz and a brand-new 9-hole course in Lech/Zug, and in addition to that you can explore several other appealing golf courses in Vorarlberg.

Calm down

Fly fishing in Lech is a far more relaxing activity than the one mentioned above. While you are waiting for a delicious fish to bite, you can enjoy the lovely fauna on the colourful mountain meadows. Gentian and alpine roses are in a blossoming competition so it seems. You will be watched by groundhogs, which will secretly hide in their caves.

Recreation in the Spa

After a long tour the Alpine Spa at the Goldener Berg Hotel is already waiting for you with its 500 m² big spa area. Enjoy the massages by our therapists and relax in the sauna or the steam bath. The awarded cuisine at the hotel will indulge you in the evening with a gourmet meal to help you recharge your batteries for the next day on the mountains.

Arlberg Alpin Freeride- & Outdoorcenter

Our partner in action on vacation! You can find all information about archery, canyoning, climbing, hiking, etc here.

If you can already hear the mountains calling you, send us your no obligation holiday enquiry or book online.

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