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Personal Training at Goldener Berg

Personal Training and Workout at the Alpin Spa

We are specialized in the following areas:

  • Nutrition & general fitness
  • Galileo training
  • Soft mobilisation
  • Pelvic floor training
  • Trampoline training as compensation for competitive sports or as warm up

All programs are adjusted to your personal level. You are not only in trained but also in very gentle hands!

Personal Training "improve your skiing skills - from red to black"

Through different strength-, stretch-, mobilisation- and coordination exercises you will be prepared for the strains os skiing

50 mins / € 75,-

Galileo® Training

10 minutes on the Galileo® replaces an entire equipment training! The device works with side alternating vibrations leading to a tilting movement of the pelvis. The body responds with rhythmic muscle contractions that activate and warm up the entire muscles in the legs, waist, back and spine. We recommend a Galileo® training before every massage! 

15 min / € 27,-

Winter hiking tour - compensation to everyday life

Come to rest: Winter hiking in the silence of our beautiful mountain landscape - in measured, low pulse range (pulse watches can be lent from the hotel)
50 mins / € 50,-

90 mins / € 90,-

Guided Snowshoeing hike

Adjusted to your endurance, Sandra will hike with you through the beautiful mountain landscape.

50 mins / € 50,-

90 mins / € 90,-

Stretch Yoga

Through Stretch Yoga Nikolina will show you how to improve your health, flexibility, reduce the pain, improve your posture, increase the blood flow, boost your immunity and achieve many more benefits.

50 mins / € 50,-

5 Tibetans Yoga

Nikolina will guide through the set of exercise more than 2500 years old that originated in India. With 5 Tibetans you will benefit from increased energy, reduced stress, sense of calm, all resulting in an overall improvement in health and well-being.

50 mins / € 50,-

Adapted to your individual level of performance. Enjoy the beautiful winter landscape of Oberlech.

Duration 50 mins / EUR 61,-
Duration 80 mins / EUR 97,-


Enjoy the energizing experience in the morning with Sandra in our Indoor-Pool. This resistance training is very healthy because it involves all major muscle groups.

50 mins / € 50,-


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