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Press pictures Hotel Goldener Berg

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image/jpeg f-a-room1-download.jpg (840.7 kB)

image/jpeg g-a-kind2-download.jpg (898.5 kB)

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image/jpeg g-b-kind1-download.jpg (424.8 kB)

image/jpeg g-b-kind2-download.jpg (758.7 kB)

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image/jpeg h-a-dani1-download.jpg (2.5 MB)

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image/jpeg h-b-team5-download.jpg (882.5 kB)

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image/jpeg i-a-alt1-download.jpg (687.8 kB)

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Our packages

Sun Package

Enjoy wonderful days in the middle of the Alps!
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Hiking week with one night in an alpine hut

Enjoy the wonderful nature and the beautiful mountains from the Arlberg during a hiking week at the ...
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Mountain Sports Week

The Arlberg region with its gorgeous nature and breathtaking mountains has so much to offer!
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The fascination of Golf

Enjoy the fascination of golf in a wonderful surrounding and treat your body with our special ...
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Use your holiday for complete regeneration!  
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Use your holiday different; this time for a complete regeneration.   Try the GLYX principle, ...
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Simple Detox

Treat yourself to a detoxification and purification week at the Hotel Goldener Berg!
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Loosing 3 kilos is easy with the help of the educated team of Goldener Berg!
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Get rid of your allergies!

Our health is a gift! Regenerate at Hotel Goldener Berg.
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Delight & Move!

Enjyou the great outdoors an experience the magnificence of the surrounding landscape!
from 1463 € Learn more

Fantastic Gondolas 2017

Multimedial art sculpting with disco gondolas and summit projections
from 792 € Learn more

Romantic mountain Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in the way it's meant to be - romantic and thoughtful.
from 7357 € Learn more

MFL seminar

from 830 € Learn more

Enneagramm - Workshop

Use a few of your days off to discover who you really are, find out what key areas are preventing you ...
from 1353 € Learn more

„The White Ring – The Race

„The White Ring – The Race – an exclusive ski weekend
from 1164 € Learn more

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