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Discover what's new about Hotel Goldener Berg

True to the motto "who stops getting better, has stopped being good" we are constantly working on ourselves and developing our offer, our house and our team. Many ideas, new perspectives and a longing for change let us never stand still. See for yourself!

Refined water for your health and wellbeing

Our enriched water provides pure energy!

The water you enjoy in our hotel and restaurants is biologically high-quality ultrapure water. While entering our house it is enriched with the original information of all essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals and therefore provides pure energy for your body, mind and soul.

Enjoy the healing effects of our water! Not only by drinking but also while bathing and showering the water enriches your cells with original information thus contributing to your overall wellbeing and healing processes.

Our bodies consist of 70% water. This high percentage of water is necessary to obtain the biological processes in the body and to counteract the dehydrating effect of various stimulants. Therefore: please drink as much as possible, at least 2 liters a day. There is nothing healthier!

Goldener Berg is shielded from radiation

We have spared no expense to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible and to increase the recreational value of your holiday to the highest degree.

Therefore, all our houses have been shielded against cosmic and terrestrial radiation, as well as against electro smog. Free of these energy-consuming influences you spend a very special holiday at Hotel Goldener Berg – a healing holiday!

Stylish, new guest areas

The new in-bar in Oberlech

After years of planning and reconstruction it is now done: 4-star-S Goldener Berg Hotel in Lech on the Arlberg shines like new. Clear and modern designs combined with natural comfort run throughout the ground floor. From the reception to the bar, the club, the panorama restaurant, the parlours and the cosy fireplace lounge; all the guest areas underwent a refurbishment and now come with a whole new “attire” that knows how to impress with exclusive charm.

Comprehensive refurbishment at Goldener Berg

In the last couple of years the whole hotel underwent a great refurbishment, step by step, and now with the redesign of Goldener Berg's ground floor the big final step is also done. After the lavish redesign of the rooms, that also included building a chalet with additional 80m² big suites, the installation of a biomass thermal power station as well as the construction of an outdoor BBQ area and the construction of a hotel for our team, the refurbishment of the four-star-S hotel's heart was the next step. 

Look forward to a cosy ambience on the Arlberg

Under the direction of architect Christian Prasser a panorama restaurant with integrated buffet area, as well as a club-restaurant and the totally new Dirndl-Stüberl were built. The heart of the hustle and bustle at the hotel is now the new bar and the inviting fireplace lounge with an impressive stone fireplace. The only area that was not changed is the awarded Johannesstüberl parlour with its original wood panelling.

Cosy ambience

The guests will experience a clear, modern and open atmosphere that still provides comfort and originality. The dominant elements used for the redesign are larch wood, natural stone and loden, all are characterised by the authenticity of the surrounding mountain world. Brass features like the brass honeycombs on the ceiling and on the tables in the fireplace lounge mirror Goldener Berg Hotel's name.

The new lounge and bar with fireplace is modern and comfortable

Open fireplace, modern design and comfort

The proud centre and at the same time calm anchor is the fireplace lounge. The big, freestanding see-through fireplace enfolds its allure especially during the winter months when he is brightly lit by the warming fire. If you want to see for yourself how impressive the Goldener Berg's new look is, you are invited to visit Goldener Berg Hotel in Oberlech. The team at Goldener Berg Hotel is looking forward to welcoming you. Don't hesitate to take the first step and send us a no obligation holiday enquiry!


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