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GLYX? Sounds like „Glück“ (German for happiness)

How can healthy food taste so outrageously good?

You might have heard of GLYX? Probably the most modern way to unite two seemingly contradictory human interests: health and pleasure. But GLYX is far more than a diet, it is a way of life, that is at the same time healthy, tastes good and yes, we’re willing to stick our neck out: that makes people happy. Without abstinence, without the dreaded yo-yo effect. At Goldener Berg in Oberlech we have even managed to lift the idea up to a level of Gault Millau toques in the restaurant Johannesstübli.

Pure pleasure – for body and soul alike

“You shall offer something good to your body, so that the soul feels well to live in it”, said Sir Winston Churchill. Even though our eating habits presumably differ from Sir Winston’s – in this case we agree. Which is why you’ll find nothing but the best quality products of impeccable origin, produced by organic farmers at Goldener Berg. Not least our emphasis on regional and seasonal ingredients and sustainability as a daily common practice have led Gault Millau to award our chef and his team 15 out of 20 points. In case you might want to give it a toast: there are 1.200 wines from the best growing regions worldwide waiting in our wine vault.

If you are more inclined towards Grandma’s kitchen: Dirndlstüberl serves delicious, Austrian cuisine. Grandma’s best recipes from the old days, revamped and prepared with the best, most honest products that nature in general and the seasons give us.

On the sun-terrace at Berggrill we serve delicious barbecue specialties, accompanied by fine sauces and salads and selected Austrian „Schmankerl“ – which you’ll enjoy together with a breathtaking panoramic view.

At Panoramarestaurant we welcome you to a sumptuous breakfast buffet or a multi-course menu – the pure pampering for the palate.

The doors at „Alter Goldener Berg“ gladly open for your private events, parties or weddings – with our kitchen catering with a large variety of traditional, regional specialties.

Luckily, you’re just a no-obligation holiday enquiry away from being welcomed at our house with a drink.

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Multimedial art sculpting with disco gondolas and summit projections
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Romantic mountain Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in the way it's meant to be - romantic and thoughtful.
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„The White Ring – The Race

„The White Ring – The Race – an exclusive ski weekend
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