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Sauna and steam bath

Feel good and take a break at the Alpin Spa

Revive your spirits and strengthen your body’s defences: a sauna at the Goldener Berg, your spa hotel above Lech’s rooftops, does wonder for body and mind.

Sweat to a fit and healthy life

Wellness & Spa in Oberlech

What is more pleasant than to indulge your muscles with some rest during a sauna and to warm every fibre in your body?

The Finish sauna at your spa hotel near Lech is perfect for that occasion. If you prefer it less hot, then the bio-sauna is the right choice for you. The Ice-Fountain and the Kneipp Corner provide the perfect cool-off afterwards.

Steam bath at your spa hotel in Vorarlberg

Feel steam and warmth on your whole body: In the steam-bath at your spa hotel on the Arlberg your mind can rest, the pores can open and your airways will be free again. Feel how the rock releases its warmth to your body and how you become calmer with every breath you take. To balance the warmth you can take a swim in the refreshing spring water pool.

Saunas and steam-baths in the Alpin Spa

  • Finish sauna
  • Bio-sauna
  • Steam-bath
  • Tepidarium
  • Various showers

Get indulged with pure warmth and feel the surrounding natural environment at the Alpin Spa at the Goldener Berg Hotel, your spa hotel in Vorarlberg.

Send your no obligation holiday enquiry and experience nature’s virtue yourself.


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