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Skiing at the Arlberg – a piste dream

Ski Panorama - Your Signpost to the Snow Paradise Arlberg

Ski map Arlberg

Skiing at the Arlberg Massif - ski pleasure of approximately 50 square kilometres between 1.500 and 2.811 metres above sea level - the Arlberg Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts of the Alps.

340 kilometres of groomed pistes and more than 200 kilometres of un-touched powder snow slopes are to hand to those who choose the Hotel Goldener Berg in Lech for skiing at the Arlberg. Plan your first departure with the ski panorama in Arlberg, the home of the skiing.

Send your non-committal enquiry to your perfect four star superior hotel high above the roof tops of Lech, Hotel Goldener Berg and look forward to perfect skiing at the Arlberg Massif in Austria.


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