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Dad! Look what I can do!

Children skiing schools on the Arlberg

Winter sports has been taught since 1906 in this cradle of ski sports. The pioneers Ludwig Schneider and Engelberg Lochum built the first skiing school in 1925, only a few kilometres away from the Goldener Berg Hotel.

Ski school for kids on the Arlberg

Today there are various skiing schools, the skiing instructors are considered to be some of the world’s best and are hired all over the word in order to spread their knowledge.

Learn from the best

The children learn in a very playful way how to go down the hills and ski runs on their mini carving skis or mini snowboards. The snowplough turn or stopping is learned with simple exercises. The very brave ones will dash down the ski runs within only a few days and will also dare to jump over ski-jumps.

Ski school in Oberlech

80 years of knowledge

The Oberlech skiing school, only a few steps away from the Goldener Berg Hotel, will teach your offspring the most important basics. More advanced skiers can go down the powder snow slopes with their guides or learn cool jumps in the Rookie-Park. Since 1935 fun and winter have been combined. On the slopes in Petersboden and on Kriegershorn many beginners became real pros.

While you can show courage during a heli-skiing trip, your children are in best hands at the children skiing school close to the Goldener Berg Hotel.

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