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Special spa treatments at Your ****s Spa Hotel in Austria

A New Body Feeling – special treatments at Hotel Goldener Berg

Wellbeing guaranty

Reenergise your body and dedicate yourself to the natural pamper programme at the Arlberg Massif. The massages at your spa hotel in Austria, Hotel Goldener Berg, will create a new body feeling.

How about Kinesio Taping? Or maybe Dry Needling? Never heard about treatments like this? Then come and try them at the Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech. The wide range of massages available at your spa hotel in Austria, Hotel Goldener Berg, will have the right treatment for any taste or need.

Hot Stone Massage

The relaxing effect of this massage is increased by the deep intrusion of heat in the body. Muscle tensions were solved, improvement of blood circulation and nourishment of cells with oxygen and removal of metabolic deposits are promoted.

Part body treatment - Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 79,-
Full body treatment - Duration approx. 80 mins / EUR 126,-

Salt on my skin

A relaxing natural salt peel with honey & Swiss stone pine to cleanse and soothe the skin. This is followed by a salt stone massage with genuine salt crystals and the sense of an unforgettable moment.

Part body treatment - Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 81,-
Full body treatment - Duration approx. 80 mins / EUR 126,-

Liver wrap

While you are relaxing during the different treatments, we can recommend a liver wrap – it furthers the blood flow and the detoxication of the liver, it will calm you down and help you sleep better.

Duration approx. 25 mins / EUR 35,-

Curd wraps

Manual performance check of joints with fascia technique. Facia is a layer of fibrous connective tissue which surrounds individual muscles and builds a supporting corset. By applying the fascial technique tensions and bondings in the tissue can be relieved.

Wrap - Duration 25 mins / EUR 16,-
Medical treatment - Duration 20 mins / EUR 46,-

Scar release

By releasing the scar tissue, it is possible to remove the uncomfortable sensation a scar can cause and also to forget the scar and how it happened.

Duration 20 mins / EUR 38,--
Duration 50 mins / EUR 81,--

Massages at Hotel Goldener Berg – Exceptional Spa Hotel in Austria

Enjoy the best of what nature has to offer. During the massages and package treatments at Hotel Goldener Berg only natural care products from the region and high quality oils are used. Applied in absolute calm and serenity these massage packages achieve the greatest results. After a massage you should drink plenty of fluids and let your body rest. Why not look for a quiet spot outside, surrounded by the unparalleled mountainscape of the Arlberg Massif?

Tender Loving Care for Body, Mind and Soul

Neck massages, foot reflexology or hot stone? Not only do the treatment methods vary, but so do the needs of your body. Listen to what your body needs. And then trust yourself to the expert hands of the qualified massage therapists at the Alpin Spa of your spa hotel in Austria. They will gladly offer their assistance in choosing the right massage treatment for your individual needs.

Indulge in the luxury of an individual massage treatment in a calm and serene atmosphere. The fine selection of massage packages at Hotel Goldener Berg will not only increase your wellbeing, but also induce a new body feeling. Send a no obligation online enquiry off to the team at your spa hotel in Austria now.

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