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Our special treatments - best for your senses

Hot Stone Massage

The relaxing effect of this massage is increased by the deep intrusions of heat in the body.
Muscle tensions are solved, improvement of blood circulation and nourishment of cells with oxygen and removal of metabolic deposits are promoted.

50 min / EUR 85,-
80 min / EUR 136,-


Salt on my skin

A relaxing natural salt peel with honey & Swiss stone pine to cleanse and soothe the skin. This is followed by a salt stone massage with genuine salt crystals and the sense of an unforgettable moment.

50 mins / € 85,-
80 mins / € 136,-


A gentle foot massage lets fall into deep relaxation followed by a relaxing massage with amber milk and steam-heated herbal stamps.

50 mins / EUR 85,-
80 mins / EUR 136,-


A brisk and vitalizing foot massage lets you forget the ski and sports hours and you will feel fresh after a short time. This will be followed by a vital massage with arnica milk and steam-heated herb stamps.

50 mins / EUR 845,-
80 mins / EUR 136,-

Alpin Spa - Reiki

Through hand postitionson your body, universal energy is being transmitted with the aim to nourish and harmonize your energy field and to help boost your self-healing capabilities. The universal energy will find its way it is needed. It's best do wear thin loose-fit clothing. 

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-

Alpin Spa - Five point massage

Relax massage of hands, feet and head with the focus on the flow of energy in your body. This gives a feeling of relaxation and help stress, tensions and energy blockase to disappear.

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-

Alpin Spa - Intuitive Coaching

One-session coaching. You can bring in one or more life questions. Any question is okay! You will get insight into your situation with the help of extrasensory perception by the coach. You can except to get information in the form of symbols/images, verbal explanation and the mentioning of emotions that are linked to your life question. This may give you a fresh look into your situation or just confirm your current thoughts and inner feelings. 

80 mins / € 142,-

Deep Tissue Massage

A tye of massage therapy, deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscles. 

50 mins / € 89,-

80 mins / € 142,-


Aromatherapy massage

During aromatherapy essential oils are used to heal not only your body but your mind too. After an aromatherapy massage you will have a feeling of total wellbeing and relaxation.

50 mins / € 89,-


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