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Sustainability works – sustainably

Sustainability on a daily basis

We are surrounded by scenery that can only be described as idyllic. We are privileged to live and wok where our guests spend the best part of the year. That has taught our family to consciously treat the precious natural resources that surround us task, were more than pleased to meet. The Pfefferkorn family and its team is well aware of this responsibility, not least because of the unique location of our 4**** Superior Hotel on the Arlberg, a gift whose beauty must be kept intact for generations to come.

Sustainable and healthy

Sustainability, experienced daily

We don’t see sustainability as a theoretical term, but as a task and benchmark for whatever we do, in whatever fields. That’s why we purchase supplies from organic farms, favor garments from local producers, watch out to keep our village car-free in winter and check and double check our actions on a daily basis –and train our staff accordingly. What you might not see at first glance: using solar energy to reduce power consumption and a consistent system of waste separation are also part of this attitude. Since the construction of our local organic remote heating station, all of Oberlech is free of fossil fuels. As part of our holistic health program „Holistic Health at Goldener Berg Hotel“, as well in the culinary experience we offer, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

By redesigning certain hotel sectors as well as by redecorating the rooms in the highest quality to enable experiencing healthy and restful sleep. Which is indeed a central part of our efforts: working with energy workers to help you progressing into higher vibrations, a complete energetic clearing from earth radiation, electric and psychic smog, smoking of all parts of the hotel and the highest possible form of water treatment with gemstones, gold and silver works wonders.

But see for yourself – and send us your non-binding reservation request or go online to book directly.

The Arlberg nature seal – committed to the environment

The Arlberg Nature Seal

Located in the middle of an outstanding natural paradise, Hotel Goldener Berg shows its great commitment to nature and the environment with the “Arlberg Natur Gütesiegel” - Arlberg Nature Seal.

Produce from regional farmers, recycling, solar power cells and natural cosmetics – Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech is close to nature and environmentally friendly.

In unison with nature. Ecological thinking and the use of innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies have the highest priority at Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech at the Arlberg Massif. This is certainly not least due to its location in the middle of unspoilt nature. The Pfefferkorn Family sees it as their obligation to play their part in taking care of the environment. At the Alpin Spa only natural products are used. Hay and mud is sourced from the surroundings and the hotel’s own cosmetic brand - Almstern - is based on regional spring water, edelweiss essences and the semi precious stone garnet. The kitchen at Hotel Goldener Berg also sends important environmental signals with a healthy and wholesome diet. Milk products and meat are sourced predominantly from regional farmers and endangered fish species are only purchased from breeding sources

Lech and its Surroundings: Investing In a Healthy Environment

For a very long time Oberlech has been car free during winter. All required goods are transported via the underground tunnel system emission free from Lech to the higher up Oberlech. To reduce traffic in the valley, buses transport guests throughout the whole year free of charge into the surrounding villages and hiking regions. Off the roads Lech is also innovative and environmentally friendly: the Bio Wood Chip Heating Station heats all the houses and hotels in Lech, drinking water originates from the Schwarzbach Spring in the Zugertal Valley, and the water reservoir in St. Anton delivers clean, green electricity from hydro power.

Environmental Protection is Multifaceted

At Hotel Goldener Berg Environmental Protection is spelt with capital letters: during the building work of the new spa solar cells were used to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The hotel is furnished using only wood sourced in the region. Environmentalism also played a part in the choice of the mattresses, feather beds and sheets. Recycling is also a topic which is taken extremely seriously at Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech, Austria.


Our Commitment to Nature and Sustainability

Solar panels instead of heating oil

We have managed to contain our oil consumption by using solar panels in the new spa complex in the Goldenen Berg.

Cosmetics from our Mother Nature

In our spa it is of utmost importance to us to use natural products. Therefore you bathe in the hay that grows just outside our front door, the moor mud is from our region and the cosmetic products are tested locally too! Susanne Kaufmann uses herbs from the Begrenzer Forest and local whey in her products. Our own "almstern" cosmetic products are based on our spring water, edelweiss extracts and garnet, the semi-precious stone.

Recycling in our company

We have been separating our rubbish for decades now into plastic, biowaste, building waste, metals, paper, batteries, glass and building rubbish. This requires extra workers, who supervise this separation and clean up even more. But we think it's worth it!

Car-free Oberlech

Oberlech is always car-free in winter. In the past we had to deliver our goods using fuel operated machinery! Oberlech has spared no costs whatsoever here and built an underground tunnel system. The goods are now delivered with electro-operated fork-lifts, resulting in Oberlech being pollution-free!

Products from local farmers

We are very critical in the selection of our suppliers! We buy meat, milk and dairy products principally from our local farmers. Thus we know that the animals will spend the summer on the Alps and will be moved in the winter too! Our research has shown that the slaughtering is also humane. No transportation of animals throughout the whole of Europe!

These products are not only healthy but also taste better! Naturally this costs more but we think it's worth it - it gives us the opportunity to offer you the best and support our farmers!

Products from local craftsmen

We also place great value on using local products for fitting out our hotels. Therefore our hotels are fitted out with joinery, which uses our local wood. We also lend our environmental awareness to the bedrooms: mattresses, duvets, linen. Glass is manufactured locally just as are tiles and stones. These products must always meet our quality standards. We make sure that foreign products do not originate from sources which support child labour.

Our seas are fished out

As a long-standing supporter of Greenpeace we are aware of the situation with our seas. Many fish have been fished out by up to 80%! Tuna fish is an example here. It is known that many other creatures, which cannot be used, are also caught in the trawler nets. Coral reefs are also damaged by these nets! We pay careful attention to which fish we buy. When necessary we purchase endangered species from fish farms!

HEP - Hydro Electric Power

Our region can count itself lucky to be able to profit from "clean" power using local water ressources. The building of the new dam means that St. Anton is able to produce so much power that it is self-sufficient.

District heating plant in Lech

A Biomass power plant was built in Lech, located right at the entrance to Lech and supplies all homes and hotels. This means that all oil heating supplies from the region were banished and as a result house fuel was stopped overnight!

Free local bus system for our guests!

n order to restrict traffic and keep our air clean, Lech has invested in local buses. These buses ferry our guests around the local area and walking region free-of-charge in both winter and summer. In doing so, we have been able to considerably restrict the level of traffic, especially at night.

Our spring water - mineral water from the tap!

Another speciality from Lech is our spring water using water from the Schwarzbach spring in Zugertal. For centuries both animals and humans have realised that the water from this spring is something special. Research into the planned use of the Schwarzbach spring in the fifties revealed that this spring system was perfectly suitable to supply drinking water to the Lech community.

Holidays in complete unison with nature are a rarity that you can experience for yourself at your hotel in Lech at the Arlberg Mountain. Enjoy the idyllic backdrop of the Arlberg Massif and the unique natural treasures which lie at your feet. Send your non-binding holiday enquiry to your hotel Goldener Berg in Lech at the Arlberg and look forward to unforgettable holidays in Austria – hand in hand with nature.


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