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Therapy massages and physiotherapy for body and soul

Relax and recover through physiotherapy

We couldnt imagine a better place than our Hotel Goldener Berg in Oberlech to restore the balance between body, mind and soul. So wed like to invite you to visit us – come and trace your human needs. Indulge in whatever doesnt seem possible in everyday life. Start by taking time off for a pleasant relaxation massage at the Alpin-Spa – the first and best step towards a newly discovered awareness of your body. The effect of a well-executed physiotherapy goes far beyond a merely mechanical impact on your skin, muscles and connective tissue via pressure and stretching. It starts on the outside and reaches deep into your organism. Finally, it touches your soul.

Reenergise your body

Diversity and choice

Your body –the most valuable asset you own. Challenged in everyday life, it deserves care, rest and recreation. At our 4**** Superior Hotel Goldener Berg we are proud to offer a varied selection of wellness packages for your tailor made treatment program. Rely on our expert therapists. They are trained not only to give you physical comfort, but also to heal. It’s up to you to decide on the focus of your stay – in any case you can expect first class treatments. Although we offer a variety of different techniques at Alpin-Spa, ranging from hot stone or shiatsu, they all have certain qualities in common – they are all stimulating, refreshing and relaxing. By the way – the same goes for our body packs, in which we use natures healing powers to give your skin and body that incomparable Goldener Berg feeling.

Rely on our expert therapists at the Alpin-Spa. And feel the effect that even a non-binding reservation request can have. We’ll have your tailor made wellness package delivered in no time. And our team is eagerly awaiting any questions you might have. Just give Team Goldener Berg a call at +43 5582 22050.

Alpin Spa - Lymph drainage

Gently helps your body to heal itself. Easy, smooth massaging techniques help eliminate water retention from your body. This is a great way to purify your body. Ideal after one of our wraps or baths.

Face, neck and décolleté - Duration approx. 25 mins / EUR 39,-

Legs - Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 76,-

Full body treatment - Duration approx. 80 mins / EUR 121,-


Alpin Spa - Foot reflexology massage

Like a map, the soles of your feet are divided into areas that correspond with specific organs of the body. This massage mobilises your body’s reserves and boosts vitality.

Duration approx. 25 mins / EUR 39,-

Alpin Spa - Vitalising combined massage

Indulge in a combination of a back massage and a foot reflexology massage. It relieves tension in your back and activates the entire body.

Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 76,-

Alpin Spa - Harmony

A gentle foot massage lets fall into deep relaxation followed by a relaxing massage with amber milk and steam-heated herbal stamps.

Part body treatment - duration appr. 50 mins / EUR 80,-
Full body treatment - duration appr. 80 mins / EUR 125,-

Alpin Spa - Vital

A brisk and vitalizing foot massage lets you forget the ski and sports hours and you will feel fresh after a short time. This will be followed by a vital massage with arnica milk and steam-heated herb stamps.

Part body treatment - duration appr. 50 mins / EUR 80,-
Full body treatment - duration appr. 80 mins / EUR 125,-

Alpin Spa - Triggerpoint treatment / Myofascial pain therapy

Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy is a widely acclaimed and successful therapy for pain relief. The techniques used are very specific to knots in muscle and other related tissues that trigger pain. Direct pressure within the recipient’s comfort zone is applied to the points, helping them to release painful holding patterns. It is an excellent choice in treating acute or chronic tension, pain and/or injury.

Part body treatment - Duration approx. 25 mins / EUR 46,-

Full body treatment - Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 86,-

Alpin Spa - Physiotherapy

This treatment with a medical focus addresses your individual physical complaints. Stretching and mobilisation techniques as well as pain relieving massage are used and, if required, tips are given for exercises to be used regularly.

Part body treatment - Duration approx. 25 mins / EUR 41,-

Full body treatment - Duration approx. 50 mins / EUR 78,-

Alpin Spa – Manual Physical Therapy

Manual techniques for pain relief and improvement of mobility in specific districts (e.g. neck)

Duration approx. 45 mins / EUR 75,-

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