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Conscious, sensible and healthy

Dr. Ewald Töth, expert in holistic medicine Ewald Töth is considered to be one of Austrias pioneers in the field of holistic medicine. His long-practiced philosophy rooted in his experience as a physician could best be described as consciously being healthy.

The products of Ewald Töth

It was always important for Dr. Töth, that his developments not only have a constructive effect on one’s body, but at the same time provide energy and valuable light-nutrition for the human soul. Therefore he processes carefully selected raw materials by means of a patented light-quanta method, before they are used in his Dr. Töth Basenmineralmischung (base mix). If you feel inclined to try the effect of „consciously being healthy“ and feel the benefits of the products of Dr. Töth in enhancing your endogenous detoxification processes, we’d be more than glad to hear from you. Simply, because you deserve it. Just send us a non-binding reservation request.

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