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Get healthy with Dr. Töth base treatments

A balanced acid-base is the basis for your health and wellbein: Conventional medicine as well as natural medicine, homoeopathy and psychotherapy all work according to this concept. Benefit from the base products developed by holistic physician Ewald Töth on your way to de-acidification and detoxication.

Alpin Spa - base body scrub

Ideal as preparation for a following base bath.

Duration 25 mins / EUR 43,-

Alpin Spa - base bath

A soothing bath for de-acidification, detoxification and excretion through the skin.

Duration about 45 mins / EUR 54,-

Alpin Spa - base footbath

Foot massage with base peeling followed by a foot bath in herb-base-essence.

Duration about 15 mins / EUR 20,-

Alpin Spa - base trilogy

Starting with a base body scrub your blood circulation is stimulated and the skin metabolism activated. Then enjoy a full base bath that strengthens your immune system and promotes the self-healing process. As a conclusion, we wrap your body in a base coat, the very regenerating effect.

Duration 50 mins / EUR 79,-

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