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Wine Cellar on the Arlberg in Austria: A Well-Kept Secret

Summit of International Wines at Hotel Goldener Berg

Wine cellar at Hotel Goldener Berg

At the Goldener Berg wine cellar in Austria you will find one of largest collections of fine and grand bottle wines, which your host has collected from the top wine regions around the globe.

Start a journey through the most beautiful and best wine regions of this world – your journey begins at the Goldener Berg wine cellar in Austria. Here 1000 exquisite wines have found their home. Guests of Hotel Goldener Berg as well as guests coming to dine at the restaurants of Hotel Goldener Berg can enjoy a wine tasting at the famous wine cellar in Austria. Full-bodied reds spoilt by the sun and ripened in oak barrels. Light whites with fine fruit and juicy bodies. Pinot Noirs with a spicy bouquet. Uncomplicated, fruity and rich Chardonnays from the whole world and so much more. The wine repertoire of Hotel Goldener Berg definitely deserves the predicate: precious.

The Goldener Berg Wine Cellar in Austria: At The Highest Level

A fine drop of wine, interesting and pleasant conversation – the rustic atmosphere of the wine cellar it all adds up to a special note during your wine tasting. At the wine cellar of Hotel Goldener Berg wood, stone and glass blend into an inspiring atmosphere, where these fine drops taste especially grand.

The Club of Sommeliers – By Senior Host Franz Pfefferkorn

At Hotel Goldener Berg you are at home with true wine connoisseurs: Franz Pfefferkorn was the president of the very first Sommelier Club in Austria and of course leads the wine tastings for his guests at the Goldener Berg Wine Cellar in Austria in person. These wine tastings are also available for booking if you are not staying as a guest at Hotel Goldener Berg.

Embark on a journey through the top wine regions of this world, following Franz Pfefferkorn. Your experience begins at the Goldener Berg wine cellar in Austria and will lead you around the globe, from the Arlberg Massif to South Australia. Send your no-obligation online enquiry to the team at Hotel Goldener Berg now.

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