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Winter holidays on the Arlberg

The winter sports paradise right on your doorstep

In November, the winter season on the Arlberg slowly begins. The first thick snow flakes form a snow cover that becomes more and more. The first lift facilities open at the end of November. Are you ready for the first dashes through on the ski runs? Or would you rather enjoy the wonderful peace during your first ski tour? The gloriously blue sky makes the fresh snow glister and you and your beloved ones can breathe the fresh and clear alpine air and enjoy the views over the majestic white summits.

Ski tour on the Arlberg

340 km pistes on the Arlberg

Helmet, warm ski gear, skiing gloves, carving skis and sticks – that’s all you need for a day on the piste. The fun starts already at the doorstep of your ski resort. Challenge your friends with a race down the world cup slope on the Arlberg, a ski run even the world cup skiers find challenging.

200 km off-piste

The snow-wind is blowing in your face, the sun makes your eyes blink and you will feel every fibre in your body. In the middle of the unspoilt slopes you will experience freedom, nature and yourself. If you want to know what that feels like, come to the Goldener Berg Hotel.


One of the many highlights on the Arlberg is Heliskiing; this is the only place in Austria, where you can enjoy this adventure. Please tell us with your booking that you want to try heliskiing and we will put the helicopter-company in contact with you or arrange an appointment right away.

Dreamy winter landscape

Firn skiing in spring

You are enthusiastic about firn and sun skiing? Then you will enjoy the best conditions from March. Feel how the firn snow grips and literally carries you to the valley. In the afternoon you can swap your ski tour gear for a t-shirt, a 50 sun blocker and glacier sunglasses. Instead of sticks you will have a cool drink in your hand and relax in one of the sun loungers on the sun terrace at the Goldener Berg Hotel

The quietude of the winter landscape

There are so many opportunities and activities. The groomed winter hiking paths, which stretch from the Hochtannberg down to the valley or up on the mountain, will take you to secluded places, wonderful viewing points or to the next cosy hut, where the Kaiserschmarrn is already waiting for you steaming hot on the table. How about exploring the landscapes right up to Älpele and further to Zugerthal or up to Auenfeldersattel on your cross-country skis?

Romantic time with the family

Wrapped in warm clothes with a beanie, scarf and gloves you will dash down the toboggan run to Lech in full-speed. Are you a romantic type of person? Take your beloved one on a walk with snow shoes through the evening snow cover, which glisters under the Alpine starry sky. Or cuddle under a thick blanket in a horse-drawn sleigh and listen to the horses and their bells when they dash over the snow-covered paths to Zug, the nearby valley. And if you want to go ice skating, you will find a big covered ice rink at hotel Monzabon and a natural ice skating space in the middle of Zürs. Also Bavarian Curling is a lovely pastime on the ice.

Arlberg Alpin Freeride- & Outdoorcenter

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